Are Your Customer Email Addresses at Risk?


When customers share their personal information, such as email address, with your company, they trust you will protect it. But almost every day, another data breach makes headlines, damaging consumer trust and driving valuable revenue to other, more secure companies.

Safeguarding customer data should be at the heart of every marketer’s mission. Cheetah Tokenization — our ability to seamlessly encrypt customer email addresses and ensure they are not at risk of falling in the wrong hands — is one way to protect this valuable data.

There are four questions to ask when debating if Cheetah Tokenization is right for your brand:


customer email risk

Would you feel more secure knowing you’ve protected customer data?


If your brand prides itself on protecting customer data, customers expect you to safeguard their personal information — especially their email addresses. Cheetah Tokenization provides you with greater control over where and how your customers’ email addresses are stored.



Is your legal department imposing restrictions on sharing email addresses with vendors?


We get it — sharing your customers’ data can be viewed as opening the door to risk. With Cheetah Tokenization, you can send emails as you’ve become accustomed without storing email addresses outside your internal database.



Is your company considering keeping all customer PII on site?


Now more than ever, companies are being more cautious about what customer data can leave their premises. With Cheetah Tokenization, you can send emails to your audience without storing email addresses outside your internal database, not limiting the technology you use to on-premises applications.



Have you ever experienced a data breach of any kind?


After a breach, reestablishing your customers’ confidence in your brand is a top priority. Being able to communicate exactly how you will earn back their trust is one way of doing that. Cheetah Tokenization ensures their most sensitive information never leaves your system and — should the worst case scenario occur again — their email address never falls into the wrong hands.


If you answered yes to any of these questions, Cheetah Tokenization could be a solution to your challenges. Reach out to us today to learn more about how this feature can enhance your existing email strategies.