Should You Be Archiving Your Marketing Emails?


Today, marketers have more technology than ever before. With it, we can deliver the cross-channel communications customers expect, ensuring their experiences across every interaction point are consistent and seamless. But all this added customer communication introduces two big challenges: seamlessly keeping the rest of the company in the loop and effectively avoiding risk.

With Cheetah Message Archive, brands can easily archive their emails in a searchable repository, enabling access to the emails for the purposes of legal or compliance retention and to keep the rest of the organization in the know.

There are five questions to ask when analyzing whether Cheetah Message Archive would benefit your brand:


email archive 1

Do your customer service team members struggle to verify customer-reported information?


In order to deliver a seamless customer experience, it’s critical to ensure that customer service agents can see the email your customer received exactly as the customer received it. With Cheetah Message Archive, your agents can quickly locate and access customer communications to resolve customer questions or concerns in a more timely manner.



Is customer fraud a potential risk your company must manage?


It’s an unfortunate reality that when you send out highly personalized offers, messages, quotes, or communications, some customers may try to claim they received different information, either intentionally or by error. With Cheetah Message Archive, your customer service agents can readily verify customer claims and, if necessary, prevent fraud before it ever occurs.



Are you bound by industry regulations or compliance standards?


Some industries or business models require greater details in regards to their customer interactions. Cheetah Message Archive enables brands to store exact copies of customer communications for as long as required, ensuring you have access to required documentation at a moment’s notice.



Do you need to be able to audit your communications?


In the financial and insurance industries, audits are a fact of life. Cheetah Message Archive enables every communication that occurs with investors and policyholders to be stored in an organized, accessible manner. Should an audit occur, the information stored within Cheetah Message Archive can be easily downloaded via a variety of file formats.



Would you like to quality control your customer messaging?


Effective marketing requires truly understanding what messaging works and what doesn’t. Cheetah Message Archive enables marketers to QA emails based on location, demographic, or any other parameter to spot check the accuracy of their segmentation and personalization efforts.


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Cheetah Message Archive could help your brand in more ways than one. Equipping your customer service agents with the access and information they need to promptly manage customer concerns is the next step in creating truly seamless experiences. With this information, your agents can even prevent costly fraud.

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