Enterprise Data Management

We help you integrate, manage, and transform any type or quantity of data — no matter the system, technology, or channel it originates from.
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Take control of your data with Cheetah Engagement Data Platform

Organizing enterprise data can be a challenge for even the most experienced marketers. We help unify data from disparate systems and sources, enabling marketers to make strategic decisions, create effective campaigns, and execute personalized customer experiences.

Your data, your way

Your business is unique — and your marketing platform should be, too. Customizable at its core, our enterprise-scale database can be easily configured to create a visual database structure that meets your needs.

Integrative by design

With our platform, you can collect and organize limitless quantities of customer data from any source using multiple import methods including API calls, web forms, and manual uploads.

Actionable customer profiles

We identify and assign a unique identifier to each customer, connecting data points and creating actionable customer profiles. This comprehensive single customer view enables campaign execution through audience tools, helping increase engagement through one-to-one campaigns.

Exceed expectations, not data limits

We provide the enterprise-scale data architecture needed to build marketing strategies that will delight customers. Our marketing and loyalty solutions are designed to handle heavy, complex databases with speed and accuracy.

Activate impactful campaigns

We make it easy to utilize all your customer data to identify key audience insights, send personalized emails and promotions that reflect their behaviors and preferences, and create valuable revenue for your brand.
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Actionable data is the cornerstone of successful marketing strategies

We make sure our clients have the user-friendly tools they need to work as efficiently as possible. As your partner, we help you manage massive amounts of data and use predictive insights to create more meaningful customer relationships.

Complex segment building

Your customers behavioral and transactional records are a goldmine of information. We provide a visual, drag-and-drop interface that make segmenting this valuable data for targeted campaigns a pain-free process — even for marketers without programming expertise.

Real-time customer activity

Customer preferences and behaviors can change at a moment’s notice. Our solution updates customer activity and preferences in real-time to ensure your campaigns always resonate and drive intended results.

Personalized customer experiences

The days of one-size-fits-all marketing are long gone. Our enterprise data management capabilities make it easier to strategically and precisely target customers with relevant messages and offers, directly enhancing their experience with your brand.

Communications that resonate

Every communication you send should have a message that your customers identify with. By providing a complete picture of your customers, our database helps strategically determine your cross-channel program strategy, content, and send times to effectively reach your customers and build their trust in your brand.

Calculated and predictive insights

Our platform uses proven algorithms to automatically crunch multiple data points and generate valuable, real-time customer insights. We make sure you have the information you need to truly understand your customers.

We can help you take control of your enterprise-scale data and activate it to drive more revenue.


Trusted data security

We know how vital customer data is to your success, which is why security is our highest priority. We use a multi-layered approach to secure our platform and protect your valuable data. Our team of security experts is constantly monitoring evolving data threats and eliminating potential issues before they ever impact our platform. We protect client data through best-practice application security protocols, compliance with data governance principles, TLS-encrypted connections, and ongoing security monitoring and reinforcement.

Strategic services

Is data driving your marketing strategy?

Data is the key to executing marketing campaigns that positively impact your revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation. Our strategic services team uses your data to identify marketing strategies that will help you succeed.