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How Food for Planet Is Enriching The Customer Experience

A Little Background For 75 years Food for Planet has been redefining accepted industry norms, with a focus on combining high-quality meat-free or animal welfare led meat-based food with an ethos rooted in sustainability. One derided by its competitors, the continued rise in ethical consumerism means Food for Planet’s products are taking greater market share

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How Boden Is Tailoring Bespoke Customer Journeys Through Data

Background For three decades Boden has been delighting it’s loyal customers with stylish, feel-good clothing. Synonymous with bright patterned garments complemented by masterly tailoring, a Boden dress or polo is as identifiable as one’s own fingerprint. From its humble beginnings as a pure-play mail-order retailer, to becoming early online adopters boosted with a smattering of

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Social Influencers Deliver 32k Opt-Ins in 8 Days for Bowtech

Social Influencers Deliver 32k Opt-Ins in 8 Days for Bowtech Want to watch this case study instead? Check out the video case study. Does influencer marketing drive revenue? We’ve all asked it, especially those in charge of the budget. There are pros and cons — it’s hard to measure accurately because the metrics exist outside

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Real-Time Engagement and Relationship Marketing

Join Patrick Tripp, SVP of product marketing at Cheetah Digital and Bryan Finfrock, our newest member of the product marketing organization for Pulse episode 20. We talk about Bryan’s background and what he’s focused on at Cheetah Digital. And we’ll talk a little bit about relationship marketing!

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Thinking Caps

The Restaurant Revolution, A Guide to Digital Transformation

Restaurants took a beating in 2020 as the pandemic spread. One thing is for sure, many of those businesses realized the need to shore up their digital ecosystem to not only survive but also to adapt to what are sure to be long-lasting behavioral trends with their consumers. This e-book is a must-have for anyone in the food service industry. Download it now.

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