Brands such as Vodafone, Air New Zealand, and Shell all drive measurable revenue from their email channels. They know that getting great results means going beyond simple tactics such as better subject lines, send-time optimization, and content length. You need to fill your database with consumer data, specifically zero-party data.

This white paper download provides a strategic blueprint for acquiring new customers and their critical data along with actual client examples and their results. It includes:

  • Global stats on email and revenue
  • How to address consumer data and privacy
  • How to double your marketing database
  • Why a value exchange is critical to results
  • Zero-party data explained and how to collect it
  • A dozen global brand examples and results

Whether you're just getting started or have plenty of experience with enterprise email marketing solutions, this resource will get you thinking differently about how to load your database with marketing opt-ins and rich psychographic data so you can deliver truly-personalized email marketing and smash your KPIs.


A sample of what's inside:

Enterprise Email Marketing: Smash Your Email Marketing KPI's


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