Message Recipient Guide

Updated: May 25, 2018

This Message Recipient Guide (“Guide”) reflects Cheetah Digital’s (“Cheetah”, “we”, “us“ and “our”) commitment to the integrity of our email delivery, data management and cross-channel campaign management services (“Services”). 

In a world full of spam, fraud and identity theft, we would like to help clarify for you what our role as a permission-based service provider is for our Customers.  If you receive email messages from companies using our services, feel confident that the email messages in your inboxes were genuinely sent on the Customers’ behalf and that industry-leading efforts are in place to help keep your personal information secure.


Receiving Emails from Our Customers

When we send an email message on behalf of a Customer, we request the Customer to provide a domain. This will be associated with their account and be used in the email to communicate with you.   All elements in the full email header will reference the Customer’s information.  The only exception is when a Customer sends emails from our shared network.  In this instance, the technical command (EHLO or HELO) used for connecting to an e-mail server will reflect our owned domains such as or

Additionally, the origins of all emails can be found by reviewing the sender’s Internet Protocol (IP) address.   The IP address (e.g. 12.34.567.890) can identify the actual computer that is sending the message and is visible within the technical header portion of the email message. The computers associated with any email address we send belong to Cheetah Digital and can be traced back to us as the designated sender. If you would like to trace any domain name or IP address of an email sender, refer to this section of Domaintools website. 

To learn more about fighting spam and authenticating email, please refer to these educational resources:


Email Abuse

If you believe you have received an unsolicited commercial email from Cheetah Digital on behalf of any of our Customers or using any part of our domain name, please send an email (preferably with the reported email violation included or attached with the ‘full sender header’).

For questions about our privacy practices and how our Services utilize personal data, please send us an email.


Notification of Changes to This Guide

We reserve the right to modify this Guide at any time. If we make material changes to these statements, we will notify you on this page.

Contact Us

Please direct any other questions or comments regarding this Guide or our privacy practices to us at:

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