Cheetah Free Support

Cheetah Digital is dedicated to providing all Cheetah customers with responsive, high-quality assistance to inquiries regarding the use of The Customer Engagement Suite. Our goal is to optimize for reliability and performance by providing effective assistance when, and if, incidents occur.

Cheetah Customers with basic service level requirements are entitled to Cheetah Digital Free Support out of the box. Free Support users have 6AM – 6PM (in their local language) access to support resources via the Cheetah Digital Support Portal and 24×7 access to the CES Help Center and Knowledge Base. Response times for submitted support tickets range from one hour to two days depending on the level of severity, and all support cases can be escalated by users as situations dictate.

We encourage all customers to contact Cheetah Digital via the Support Portal; Monday to Friday 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Customer Local Time)


  • Free with all active Cheetah Digital subscriptions.
  • Answers to questions about specific features, options, and configurations.
  • Initial and high-level suggestions regarding the appropriate usage, features, or solution configurations for the particular type of reporting, analysis, or functionality in connection with Severity 1-4 incidents.
  • Isolate, document, and/or find alternative solutions for reported software defects.
  • Work with Cheetah Digital Product, Software Development, and QA staff to submit Change Requests, Enhancement Requests, and provide defect fixes for the Cheetah Digital solution as deemed necessary by our Product and Software Development teams.
  • Address questions with online or printed documentation, providing additional examples or explanations for concepts requiring clarification.
  • Access to Cheetah Digital’s online library of Support webinars and Knowledge Base via the CES Help Center.
Contact Mode:Details:Availability: 
TicketsSupport PortalMonday to Friday6:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Customer Local Time) 

Free Support Targeted Ticket Response Times

Service Level:Contact Method:Target Initial
Response Time:
Solution Definition
(one or more of the following):
1 (Critical)Support Portal1 business hourIssue is resolvedSatisfactory workaround is providedProduct patch is providedFix incorporated into future release
2 (High)Support Portal4 business hoursIssue is resolvedSatisfactory workaround is providedProduct patch is providedFix incorporated into future release
3 (Medium)Support Portal1 business dayIssue is resolvedSatisfactory workaround is providedFix incorporated into future releaseAnswer to question is provided
4 (Normal)Support Portal2 business daysAnswer to question is providedEnhancement request logged

Cheetah Digital Support – Incident Guidance Levels

Severity Level:Description:
1 (Critical)Emergency IssueFull system outage, significant performance degradation, or a condition caused by the Cheetah Digital software that creates data integrity issues making the product unusable or unavailable for all users in production.
2 (High)Significant Business ImpactA condition caused by the Cheetah Digital software where major functionality is impacted or performance degradation is experienced. Issue is persistent and affects many users and/or major functionality.
3 (Medium)Minor Feature / Function IssueA component of Cheetah Digital is not performing as intended or documented. System performance issue or bug.
4 (Normal)General Inquiries / Enhancement RequestInquiry regarding the Cheetah Digital software; information requested on application capabilities, navigation, installation, or configuration; enhancement request.
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