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The past year saw retail brands move faster than ever to embrace digital transformation. Today's challenge is driving customers back in-store while also retaining strong online engagement. As long-held marketing practices continue to be disrupted, now is the time for bold action.

Within Cheetah Digital’s Customer Engagement Suite (CES), we have created all the retailer-to-consumer dependencies brand marketers will ever need. A one-stop-shop for managing customer data, send-time optimization, interactive experiences, intelligent offers, and loyalty. Turn online customer interactions into engaging digital activities, match site visits with known and unknown shoppers, and take the next action right then and there or through cross-channel messaging.

Staying on-trend



A marketing plan isn’t personalization 

Nobody cares about your marketing plan. You like to think in segments, but the more you know about a customer, the less they will fit neatly into a segmentation model or cohort.



The data haves and the data have-nots 

Possess a lot of data on your customers but don’t know how to access or action it? Or do you lack the right data to start? It’s time to work out what you have and how you can use it.




To infer is to err; to know is divine 

The cookie's death and increasing emphasis on privacy mean it is more important than ever to take ownership of your customer insights. Build a preference database through value exchange.

Stocking the right solutions



Next-Gen Personalization 

Our next-gen Personalization approach is to create intelligent offers that accompany customers as they journey across multiple channels. Tailor real-time personalization to the product category or service they are interested in. To encourage repeat purchases, make recommendations that are 1:1, relevant to their activity, and move beyond discounts and toward engagement.



Engagement Data Platform 

Cheetah’s Engagement Data Platform is a modern database. A flexible platform that can be actioned by unified departments such as I.T. and marketing. Accompany the customer throughout the lifecycle, activate and analyze the data you have via the single customer view. Create powerful Journeys across the CES to increase customer spending, wallet share and foster brand loyalty.



Experiences & Loyalty 

Shopper preference data, consensually collected via interactive, value-driven, Experiences, provides actionable insights. These can be used to trigger Messaging programs built to increase customer spend. Nurturing emotional relationships, over time, will result in greater customer loyalty and want to participate in an advanced retail Loyalty program.

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Cheetah Digital’s CES

Learn about our Customer Engagement Suite. A perfect fit for retail marketers.

Orchestrate real-time interactions

With Cheetah Personalization, marketers can leverage the power of machine learning and automated journeys to optimize marketing strategies, predict engagement behaviors, and connect with customers on a one-to-one basis.

Cheetah Personalization

Power your channels at scale

Industry-leading marketing requires industry-leading data management technology. Cheetah Engagement Data Platform is redefining enterprise-scale data collection, unification, segmentation, and insights. Our real-time data platform sits at the heart of every Cheetah Digital solution, enabling end-to-end customer lifecycle management across every touchpoint.

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Collect zero-party data

Cheetah Experiences allows you to create interactive campaigns that engage customers and collect first and zero-party data. By offering a value exchange, marketers can acquire the permissions needed to execute compliant and personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns.

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Create customer loyalty that lasts

Cheetah Loyalty’s agile, data-driven platform makes it easy to recognize and reward loyal behaviors across channels to encourage advocacy with every offer, point, reward, or promotion.

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Deliver seamless cross-channel communications

With Cheetah Messaging, marketers can easily deploy targeted and triggered cross-channel campaigns, compile data from multiple sources, and strategically promote desired customer behaviors — effectively increasing revenue and enhancing customer experiences.

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