How to Create a Loyalty Strategy, Not Just a Rewards Program with Forrester’s Emily Collins

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Earning a customer’s loyalty demands more than just implementing a rewards program. In this session, we’ll hear from Emily Collins, a Forrester Analyst, Interim Research Director, and leader in the loyalty space. Collins has been at Forrester for over a decade and has spent much of her time focused on researching and sharing her findings on customer loyalty trends, technologies, services, and analytics. She helms a team of B2C marketers that develop marketing strategies that enable marketers to drive customer obsession and growth. In this session, you’ll hear from Emily about the loyalty maturity curve, core competencies for a loyalty program, and the intersection of personalization and loyalty. It’s an expert session in loyalty you won’t want to miss.

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Emily Collins
Principal Analyst & Interim Research Director, Forrester
Emily Collins

Emily serves B2C marketing professionals. She leads a team of analysts who help clients develop marketing strategies that drive customer obsession and growth. Her team focuses on omnichannel advertising, social marketing, content strategy and intelligence, marketing measurement, and loyalty. Emily also leads Forrester's customer loyalty and communities coverage. Her research examines loyalty strategy; loyalty programs; consumer trends; and the tools, skills, and processes B2C marketers need to manage and measure loyal customer relationships.

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