Client Success: Leveraging Data for More Effective Email Personalization at SeaWorld

Collect basic consumer data from individuals to build relationships, don't go too granular with Big Data.

Personalization is the best path to engagement, use the data you know about someone to make an offer.

Be there with your customers in the moment. Listen to the data that tells you when and how to respond.


We’re onsite at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, to speak to Corporate Marketing Manager Katie Rhine about what it takes to run the marketing for one of the largest parks in the world.

With 12 different parks, including three SeaWorld locations, 2 Busch Gardens, Discovery Cove, Sesame Place, and a variety of waterparks, SeaWorld has a marketing challenge. The team was tasked with making better use of their data for more effective personalization for guests in the face of a rapidly changing landscape. Take a trip to SeaWorld in this session and learn about their digital transformation and the role email plays in their ability to deliver more relevant and personalized experiences.


Katie Rhine
Corporate Marketing Manager, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
Katie Rhine

Katie Rhine is a leadership professional with 10 years of digital B2C marketing experience including ecommerce, email, and CRM. She has worked in various roles at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment for over 9 years. Katie is currently the Corporate Manager of Email Marketing and Consumer Relationship Management, where she leads six email marketing teams at various park locations in the US. 

See Katie live on November 11th in "Client Success: Leveraging Data for More Effective Email Personalization at SeaWorld." 

Tim Glomb
VP of Content & Data, Cheetah Digital
Tim Glomb

Tim Glomb is the VP of Content and Data at Cheetah Digital where he leads the development of multimedia content to enable sales and marketing along with client success. Tim is also the founder of Audience Sherpa, a strategic consulting firm that helps brands such as Bowtech, Health-Ade Kombucha, and Leupold & Stevens build, manage, and engage consumer databases through services such as personalized messaging and privacy compliance.

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