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and Enrichment

Build the marketing database and capture 
zero-party data to fuel personalized marketing.

Incremental revenue through smarter personalization

Increase shopping frequency and average order value

Increase renewals, retention, and customer lifetime value

Capture customer insights for more relevant and contextual engagement

Implement a zero-party data strategy

Capture data and push it in real time to other systems, powering hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.

Library of interactive experiences

Choose from over 85 standard experiences that drive data capture strategies.

Marketing friendly content design

Drag-and drop content editors make it easy and intuitive to create experiences.

Deploy experiences anywhere

Publish interactive experiences to paid, earned, or owned channels.

Single customer view

Actionable view of data that powers engagement.

Acquisition and enrichment use case in action 


Sales tracked to interactive campaign →

Airline carrier created interactive experiences campaign that drove over $5.7M in sales.


Connect brands directly to consumers →

Outdoor sports brand  went from the #5 in the US to the #1 brand through smart messaging campaigns triggered from detailed zero-party data.


Drive revenue and increase market share →

Financial services brand added 2M net new names to their marketing database in the first six months with a value exchange in return for data.

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