With “in these uncertain times,” “this unprecedented crisis,” and “take care” becoming the new “best wishes,” we’ve all grown tired of these well-meaning but formulaic email subject lines cluttering our inbox. However, as restrictions begin to ease, marketers do need to prepare for the new normal.

As customer needs have rapidly changed — and continue to evolve — during COVID-19, our strategic services team is working with leading retail brands to help them not only navigate the now, but the future too.

Watch this webinar to learn how leading retail brands like yours can deliver messaging strategies to build more meaningful relationships with consumers and be successful in a landscape during and post COVID-19.

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Senior Marketing Strategist, Cheetah Digital

Laura Brown is a Senior Marketing Strategist at Cheetah Digital. Laura has over 10 years of CRM experience with brands such as AO.com and LateRoom.com, and has been responsible for setting and leading digital strategies in various B2C and B2B corporations in a number of sectors. Interacting with consumers in an innovative way, ensuring maximum engagement, increasing emotional loyalty, and offering a seamless omni-channel experience is one of the challenges that she and her team strive to meet on a daily basis in collaboration with our customers.