Join three loyalty experts for their discussion on how brands should keep customer loyalty top of mind in the world of COVID-19 and beyond.

Watch the discussion below and download the accompanying slides by filling out the form.

Topics include:

  • How should brands react to all of the changes from business closures to social distancing to eventual reopening?
  • What’s the right tone and messaging style to use with customers, employees, and the community?
  • What practical changes can you make to your current loyalty program, and how can you re-launch an underachieving loyalty program in the right way?

SVP, Global Loyalty Sales, Cheetah Digital

Jon has 30+ years helping businesses use digital and social experiences to acquire new customers and grow existing customer relationships. He is currently Senior Vice President of Global Loyalty Sales at Cheetah Digital and was part of the team that built Cheetah Digital’s loyalty solution and underlying engagement data platform.

Co-Founder and Partner, Ascendant Loyalty Marketing

David is a world class expert at CRM and Loyalty business case development, program design and strategy, and global technology assessments. He has designed some of the largest, most successful loyalty programs in retail, restaurant & hospitality, department store, and e-commerce sectors. 

Co-Founder and Partner, Ascendant Loyalty Marketing

Jay has been an entrepreneur in the loyalty marketing space for over 20 years. He designs and manages customer loyalty programs for clients in retail, travel/hospitality, entertainment, and food service. He focuses on analytics, research, and technology, bringing both practical and leadership skills to every project.